Itan Empire’s Jacheongbi
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Itan Empire’s Jacheongbi

Alternative Titles Itan's Jacheongbi, Jacheongbi of Itan Empire, Jacheongbi of Peat Country, 异世界太子妃, 跆拳少女穿越记, 이탄국의 자청비

Synopsis Itan Empire’s Jacheongbi

A fantasy romance transcending time and space! Jacheongbi, a student of Taekwondo, stumbles into the world of an ash-scented palace!After a spectacular win in the national Taekwondo trials, Jacheongbi meets a man from her dreams in the hospital garden. After choosing to follow him, Jacheongbi is led into a lake by the hand and opened her eyes to find herself in a glorious palace! Stuck in a strange country with no friends, how will she be able to return home?After hearing a tale of death in the river only to return to life with her help, Jacheongbi realizes her way home is through the river…

Released 2020
Author Goeulwon, KIM Boram
Artist Nanette
Serialization Naver Webtoon (Naver)
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